How to Get Compensation for Whiplash and Other Vehicular Injuries

The consequences of vehicle accidents can be quite serious, including personal injury, head trauma, and whiplash. Victims who are suffering from these and other injuries are often able to file claims to receive monetary compensation that can help with medical bills and cover lost wages, but only if they know what to do after the accident occurs. Accident victims should follow the advice below to ensure that they do not cause unnecessary complications in their personal injury claims.

Call the Police

Police records are essential to both insurance claims and litigation. When filing a police report, be sure to note down the officers’ badge numbers and names, and do not be convinced by other drivers to put off filing a report. These reports contain the objective information and details necessary to file a successful claim and without them, it will be difficult to pursue legal action.

Seek Medical Attention

It’s essential that accident victims seek medical attention immediately for any injuries they have incurred due to the accident, regardless of their severity. Often victims that look completely fine on the outside are suffering from internal injuries that require a professional diagnosis and treatment. Accident victims who wish to recover their medical losses should always follow through on their treatment plans as well, as failing to do so will complicate their cases.

Approach the Insurance Company

It’s always best for accident victims to approach their insurance companies as soon as possible after the accident, although those who have been seriously injured may wish to seek medical attention first. Failing to disclose the accident to the insurance company can lead to an inability to recover losses, so take action immediately.

Don’t Give Statements to Other Parties

Accident victims should never apologize to the other party, as this implies that the accident was their fault. They should never give any kind of statement to the other person’s insurance company without first consulting a lawyer, as any information that accident victims offer can be used to give the legally liable driver an edge during the claim-filing process. Don’t sign any papers or give any statements until after consulting a lawyer and be sure to follow any advice this legal professional offers regarding how to handle the case.